Would you like to make a difference in someone's life?


We are looking for volunteers who enjoy working with people. We have volunteer opportunities for you that can be done in 30 minutes per week, 1 hour per week, or that are completed occasionally. Make a difference to someone in need, and sign up to volunteer today.

As part of the volunteer process, you will need to complete a Criminal Record Check.

Volunteer Drivers

Could you give someone a ride to a doctor’s appointment? 

Volunteer Drivers are needed to drive seniors to medical appointments in Lake Country, Kelowna, or Vernon. You could make someone’s day by giving them a ride to essential appointments or to run an errand within Lake Country.

(Time investment determined by volunteer availability.)

Old and Young

Friendly Visits and Calls

Do you like to chat?

You can brighten someone’s day with just one phone call. To reduce the social isolation that many seniors may experience, Friendly Visit and Call volunteers are asked to provide a check-in and chat with a local senior. This service aims to provide  support, and companionship to seniors whose social circles may be limited. Following current COVID-19 best practice guidelines, visits can be done online, by phone, or in person as a “driveway visit.”

(Time investment =  ½ hr.+ per week)

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Tech Angel for Seniors

Help seniors in Lake Country with their tech issues and questions.

The goal of this role is to teach seniors how to use their devices to improve their confidence in their technical literacy and to be able to use programs to reduce social isolation and help with everyday activities.

(Time investment = occasional/as needed)

Modern Laptop

Silver Sitters

Silver Sitter volunteers are invited to spend time with a senior who needs ongoing care, while their caregivers engage in one of our programs. Volunteers can visit over a coffee, play a board game or cards, make crafts, etc. for approximately an hour.   

Silver Sitter Volunteer Options:  

Caregiver Support Group: Held at the Alliance Church, on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm, volunteers visit with a senior while their caregiver participates in the support group.

(Time investment = 1 hour/week) 

Fitter Silver Sitter: Volunteers visit with a senior while their caregiver participates in a fitness class.

(Time investment = 1 hour per week)  

Playing Card

Social Media Creators

Interested in creating social media posts for TikTok and YouTube?

Assist our Mental Health coordinator by creating social media posts about safer drugs and alcohol use.

*This would be a great opportunity for students interested in counselling, outreach and marketing.

(Time investment = 2 hours per week)

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Board of Directors

Looking for an opportunity to utilize your professional skills to help a community charity?

LCH is looking for new board members, including a treasurer and people interested in executive roles. Mentoring will be provided.

(Time investment = 3-5 hours per month)

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