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Harm reduction is a client centered approach to help lessen the impact of addiction and substance use. Harm reduction services are health services for those with addictions, aimed at helping to meet people’s needs, and improving their overall health.

Naloxone Training

Using a Naloxone kit can stop an overdose. Book a free training on how to use a Naloxone kit and pick up free kits at our office.

You can save a life if you see someone in need.

Quit Smoking

Do you or some you know want to quit smoking?

We have support and resource to help quit and have a healthier lifestyle.

We can help you quit now.

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Safe Distribution

With judgment free support you can have access to sterile harm reduction supplies. We have free sharps/needle disposal containers, free take home fentanyl test strips, safer injection supplies, safer sex supplies, and safer inhalation supplies.

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