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Connecting you to local resources and services.

Technology Support
& Tablet Loans

Looking to connect with family or friends online but you're not sure where to start?

Lake Country Health has a program that teaches older adults, from the comfort of their own home, how to get online. Tablets are available for loan and one-on-one sessions to help you learn how to use a device.  For older adults aged 65+.


Housekeeping & Yard Maintenance

For lower income older adults who qualify, we offer subsidized house cleaning, and lawn mowing services.

grandma laughing with young adult woman.

Friendly Calls
& Visits

Did you know one out of three older adults feels lonely?


For older adults or those with a disability living on their own, they can feel alone and neglected. We can call you or a loved one once a week, to check in, and make you feel secure in knowing that there is always a caring friend to talk to. There is someone who will check in on your well-being. 

Assisting the Elder
Driving Services

If you are an older adult who does not drive, and you need a ride to appointments or errands, we offer rides from volunteer drivers.


Low Impact Exercise Classes

Participate in our professionally taught fitness classes offered twice a week. Our classes incorporate effective exercises using resistance bands, with a balanced mix of seated and standing routines.


Take advantage of our subsidy program to make fitness more affordable. Register today by calling our office and elevate your fitness journey

Yoga Class

A Nourishing Path for Seniors

Our Subsidized Frozen Food Delivery Program, designed exclusively for low-income seniors! In collaboration with Better Meals, we bring you a range of delicious and nutritious frozen meals at reduced prices. Elevate your dining experience while staying within your budget.

 We're dedicated to ensuring that every senior has access to affordable, wholesome meals delivered straight to their door. Because good nutrition should be accessible to all!"

Man Eating Breakfast
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