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Tips and Tricks for Accessing Zoom as an Online Conference Tool

With our Keep Connected Program being online due to COVID-19, we are seeing many seniors embrace new technology as a way to keep in touch.

But new technology can also be intimidating, especially when you're trying to set it up for the first time!

If you're interested in participating in our Keep Connected or any other online programs, but aren't sure where to start, we've gathered some tips and tricks for you:

I'm interested in participating in Keep Connected - where do I start? These online events will be held online using the Zoom free web conferencing service twice a week – on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00. If you are already online but don't have the Zoom application, we will help you! If you don't have a computer/tablet we have some available to lend out and you will receive assistance with the setup. There will be a deposit on your tablet. You will need a WIFI connection. You must pre-register. You will receive an invitation and be provided with the links to the program 24 hours before the program starts.    

Zoom? How do I access that??

First, read this! ​If you have an issue, please contact Kali Smith at 250-999-9374 or at - we can help!

Other things to note when using Zoom:

• Please allow the facilitator(s) to guide the group.   • Please respect all group members and their opinions – even if you disagree with them.   • Please allow everyone to contribute and do not dominate the program. • Please raise your hand when you have input/ a question unless the facilitator asks for group responses   i.e.) in Brain Games program. • Please no disrespectful comments.   • Please promote a positive and inclusive environment.  

Ok, I'm in. What's on the Agenda?

 Check out what we are offering in the month of November above. Connect with us through fun games, discussions, our informative, interesting and educational speaker’s series and special interest programmes. Want to join us or have questions? You can get more information and/or register by contacting Kali Smith at 250-999-9374 and at this email    

Other Frequently Asked Questions:   

Does this cost anything? Programs are free if you already have a device/tablet. If you need to borrow one, there is a deposit on the device.  

Do I have to talk? Some of the programs are designed to be interactive and we encourage you to participate. These are planned to be fun and not stressful! The etiquette guidelines for ZOOM include that participants raise their hand if they wish to contribute and the facilitator will acknowledge you. The idea of these programs is to have all join in when and where appropriate.  

During our Speaker Series, the format will be a half hour presentation with time at the end to ask the presenter questions. So please make note of any questions that arise for you. 

Will other participants see me? If you have your video on – yes. This would be important to have on during the interactive programs. For the Speaker Series, if you don't want to be seen you could turn off your video but the presenter won't be able to see you if you have a question, unless you activate your video for the question and answer section. 

How do I access Keep Connected?

When you are registered for a specific program, the day before the program you will receive an email with the details. This will include the meeting information. The link to click on will be highlighted in yellow. Once you have done that you will be admitted into the program/meeting just before 1:00pm.

What if I am registered but have to cancel? When possible please let Kali Smith at 250-999-9374 or email if you can't make our meeting so someone else can participate, as most classes have a limited registration.

What if I have a suggestion for a speaker/program?

We value your feedback so please contact Kali Smith at 250-999-9374 or at

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